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Spectrum Studios shoots television commercials, programming, music videos, short films, feature films, documentaries, educational and training programs, news, and sports for our clients around the world. We’re ready to help you with your project, in any format: high definition, film or broadcast. We have the crew, the gear, the creative minds, and the resources to […]

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Atomos Ninja Blade Director quality monitor and recorder, 10 bit 4:2:2 Pro Res or DNxHD Book Now
Grip Truck Packages Call for availability and pricing. Book Now
J.L. Fisher Model 11 Professional Camera Dolly with accessory cart. $275 per day. Book Now
player.vimeo.comvideo23343516 Sanford Orthopedics
player.vimeo.comvideo23348695 Sanford Orthopedics
player.vimeo.comvideo23348987 Sanford Orthopedics
player.vimeo.comvideo23349183 Sanford Orthopedics
player.vimeo.comvideo23349314 Drunk Driving PSA
player.vimeo.comvideo23356387 Scraps
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playervimeocomvideo112939980 SCI
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